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3601 E State St. Hermitage, Pa 16148
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 11 am - 8 pm
Friday & Saturday: 11 am - 9 pm
Sunday: 11 am - 8 pm
Closed: Monday

Transitioning to a full-service restaurant furthered Ron’s drive for unique flavors while maintaining the importance of using fresh and homemade ingredients. “We make everything fresh; we make our own cheese sauce for macaroni and cheese, freshly shredded coleslaw, and rubs that are available for individual sale

Ron and the team had to delay the opening of the sit-down Hermitage location, but with the time have been able to work to make it a destination restaurant that both locals and travelers can enjoy. With particular attention to customer safety, the details shine like smartphone accessible menus and ice machines equipped with UV light to combat bacteria. In such details, Ron credits his team for their dedication to the restaurants that have come of his passion project. 

“It’s one thing to be successful, but to see people work for you and have that same goal, it’s just… it’s so great,” he said. “This industry doesn’t make a lot of money, but their hearts are so into it. The job that they do, and what they do, to me, the best thing. They love doing what they do and for them to be able to do something they thoroughly enjoy is success to me.”

From Operation Manager Ryan King to Hermitage Manager Anthony Garcia, bar and serving staff and the tons of community support from both Crawford and Mercer counties, Ron appreciates all hands that have been on deck since he opened in 2013. “Through all of this, they have stuck by us and they want Smoky Martins to be successful,” Ron said.

So, no matter your preference, on BBQ, heed the restaurant’s advice and “go get yourself some”

Our Equipment

When it comes down to it, fiddling with temperatures and smoke absorption is small potatoes when it comes down to how the meats actually taste.  The low and slow methods utilized in a smoker produce juicier, smokier, and far more tender meats than any other method of cooking. 

Who says it's just for pizza?  The oven evokes a time when life was a little slower and food was a little better.  It allows us to celebrate a style of cooking that is both authentic and family-oriented. Come and see your own creation cooking while you wait!

From our toppings to our meat selections, we only use the freshest of ingredients and the finest qualities and cuts of meat we can find. Using only the highest quality ingredients gives you great tasting food you can count on to be fresh and flavorful every time.